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Welcome to Newark Golf Club; close to both the historic town of Newark and City of Lincoln.

Our members enjoy a wonderful course, clubhouse and practice facilities, some of the best in the area.  As a visitor to our club you will be made very welcome and we hope that you too will enjoy the time you spend at the club.  You may wish to review some of the many items of correspondence we receive so please click here to do just that... Correspondence.

We offer our visitors several options:

Summer, Late Summer or Winter packages can be booked here through our website for 6 players or more.

Go to our online booking portal to see available tee times and rates >  BOOK HERE

Like every other club we have rules and regulations; here is a precis.

  1. Newark Golf Club places a great emphasis on providing a pleasant and safe environment for our Visitors.  We ask both our Members and Visitors to maintain a standard of conduct that will be a credit to the club.
  2. The Club is not responsible for the property or actions (whether negligent or otherwise) of Members or Visitors.  It is the responsibility of each person to ensure that he or she is adequately insured for theft or damage to equipment how-so-ever or where-so-ever caused and for third party liability.
  3. Members' and Visitors' dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse, the environs of the Clubhouse premises, or on the course; with the exception of guide dogs.
  4. The smoking of e-cigarettes is not allowed on club premises.
  5. All visitors are reminded that they should be properly dressed in acceptable attire at all times on the Golf Course, the Practice Ground and in the Clubhouse. These dress standards are in place at the members' request. 

The club operates 3 levels of Dress code covering the course and clubhouse. These are defined below and are in operation to help give members and guests a clear understanding. The Club members and staff are obliged to uphold these standards. Please do not take offence if you are approached regarding your attire.

Please click here to see our on course etiquette.

On the Course - Gentlemen

All members and visitors are reminded that they should be properly dressed in acceptable attire at all times on the Golf Course and the Practice Ground. Members are responsible for their guests being appropriately dressed. These dress standards are in place at the members' request.

a) Gentlemen must wear shirts at all times; tucked into the waistband

b) Football type shirts, shirts with slogans, or shirts without collars or sleeves are not acceptable on the Golf Course.

c) No trainers, plimsolls or flip flops, blue denim jeans, blue denim jackets, camouflage trousers, jogging suits, shell suits (or similar), are allowed on the Golf Course.

d) Knee length shorts may be worn. Combat, abbreviated or camouflage shorts will not be allowed in any circumstances.

e) Knee length socks, sports socks or trainer socks may be worn with shorts.

f) Caps must not be worn with peaks reversed or trousers tucked into socks.

On the Course – Ladies

The principle applied is that if it can be purchased in a golf shop, it can be worn on the course.

In the Clubhouse

Unless otherwise stated the following is considered the standard dress required within the clubhouse. This applies to the clubhouse and patio but NOT the course or practice areas.

As per Course attire above plus tailored denim jeans are also allowed.

Football type shirts, shirts with slogans, or shirts without sleeves are not acceptable in The Clubhouse.

NO ripped, torn or dirty clothing.

Trainers are permitted.

Gentlemen may wear sandals without socks, not Flip Flops.

Golf shoes are only permitted in The Spike Bar.


Jacket, collar and tie, Lounge suit or Dinner Jacket.

When formal dress is required, this will be displayed on the relevant notices.

Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones must be set on silent at all times.

Phone calls must not be taken within the clubhouse.

Phones may make use of the club's wireless network to access emails etc.