Spotlight on Sue Burgin Ladies Captain

Spotlight on … Sue Bergin, Ladies Captain


When did you start playing and how long have you been a member at Newark?

I started playing golf in 1993, a few months after meeting my then future husband Alan. I would walk the course with him and our friends Marion and Owen when they played each week on the picturesque Darenth Valley course in Kent. It was a pay and play parkland course and beautifully maintained.


As pleasant as the walk and company were, I realised that I wanted to "have a go at this game" and I became hooked. We frequented that and other pay and play courses over the next few years.  We eventually became members of Gillingham Golf Club in 1999 after our friends retired and moved to Devon. It was shortly after this that I got my first handicap.


I joined Newark golf club in early 2016 and was invited on to the Ladies' Committee in November 2017.


Favourite course played and why?

My favourite course has to be the nine hole course on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles. It was while playing on this course in 2010, after my Captaincy at Gillingham had ended, that Alan and I decided we wanted to live there. We made the move in May 2011.


The views from the course are stunning. It is bordered to the West by the beautiful blue/ green/turquoise waters of the Sound of Harris which eventually merge into the Atlantic Ocean.  To the North lie the beautiful beaches of West Harris and the magnificent Harris Hills and to the South is the crisp white beach of Scarista Beg and Scarista Mor behind which rises the imposing hill of Ceapabhal. 


It is certainly a challenging course with some seriously hilly fairways. (No place for buggies!!)


Best result as a golfer?

My best result ever was perhaps winning the Lady Captain's Prize in 2006. I can't remember the score. I was just so delighted to win. I was presented with a replica of the trophy and a Worcestershire figurine which still sits in pride of place.


Funniest thing you’ve seen on the golf course?

Perhaps the funniest thing that happened to me on a golf course was on one afternoon while we were just having a casual game at Gillingham. Alan hit a great shot straight down the middle of the 5th fairway. 


To the right of the fairway was a thickly wooded copse from which emerged a fox. Without hesitation, it trotted up to the ball picked it up in its mouth and disappeared back into the copse. I was left with a very bemused husband and I suspect, a very disappointed fox.


Favourite player and why?

I don't really have one. I just enjoy watching good players.



Away from golf … other hobbies and pastimes?

I love to sing. I am currently a member of Southwell Choral Society and since I was at school have been involved with choirs either as a member or running school choirs during my years as a teacher. I also enjoy music, theatre, travelling, reading and my garden.


Favourite holiday destination and why?

Oh, there are so many but probably Venice. Alan and I had such magical times there. It is so totally unique.


Favourite food?


You can't beat a thick fillet steak marinated over-night in red wine with chopped garlic and ground pepper. It has to be introduced to a very hot pan, flash fried and served VERY rare with mushrooms, onions, roast potatoes and a cream sauce made from the marinade.


Castaway on a desert island:

Your piece of music and why?

My piece of music would have to be " In Paradisum" which is the final movement from Gabreil Faure's Requiem. A hauntingly beautiful piece which I have sung many times.


Your chosen book and why?

My chosen book is difficult. I just love reading. I will choose the trilogy "Crowdie and Cream and other stories by Finlay J Macdonald. It is his true account of growing up on Harris. It is both funny and fascinating and beautifully written.


Your luxury item and why?

My luxury item has to be a nail file. I hate ragged nails


Something about you that is unusual?

Something about me that's unusual? I'm very ordinary and like every other person on the planet I'm totally unique.


And finally … your ideal fourball?

My ideal fourball would be Pavarotti to serenade me with that fabulous voice, Morecombe and Wise to make me laugh and Dame Laura Davies to show me how the game should be played.