Seniors Charity Day

As a very active section within the Golf Club one of our objectives is to raise money for Charitable causes and our principal Charity is Beamond House Hospice.  Money is raised throughout the year in a variety of ways, a raffle & donation basket in the ½ way house on Seniors Open Day, a fine of £1 per player for loosing in an inter club match plus any surplus money in our funds.  Also we have our Charity Day competition and raffle which this year is on Thursday 17th October.

This year as a result of support from Barclays Bank, we have the opportunity to raise a very significant amount of money as Barclays have agreed to quadruple any money we raise up to a maximum of £3000, which would mean that the donation to Beamond House would be in the order of £5000.  We have organised a hole in one competition with an entry fee of  £5  where the prize will be a car supplied by Pratt & Gelsthorpe plus prizes to the value of £500 on the other three par 3’s for achieving a hole in one.  Two Seniors have achieved a hole in one over the last few weeks so it is not pie in the sky.  There will be good publicity opportunities on the day as hopefully the Advertiser will be present as will Barclays & Beamond House.  Any support will be acknowledged on the day plus we will display any appropriate advertising  material or posters that are supplied.  Alternatively any raffle prizes will be gratefully received. This is a great opportunity to raise an important amount for Beaumond House...lets get going!
Peter Smith (Seniors Captain)