Newark Ohio USA

Moundbuilders Golf & Country Club, Newark, Ohio, USA

During the last 20 years some informal links between Newarks around the world - there are over 20 in the USA alone - have developed into a more  formal 'Newarks of the World' organisation. Designed to foster goodwill and exchange visits, several former mayors of Newark-on-Trent, England, helped to foster this liaison: Bill Drury, David Payne and Maureen Dobson among them.

From this has emerged a special relationship between our own Newark Golf Club and the Moundbuilders Golf and Country Club of Newark, Ohio. In 1995 the two club professionals, Tony Bennett and Larry Mclntyre, were instrumental in arranging for an American team, cap­tained by Jim Van Guilder, to visit us in October for a Ryder Cup style match on our course.

Two years later Walter Hughes organised and led a return visit to the USA and in 1999 the Americans again visited us with Derek Dickinson co-ordinating arrangements at the British end. Our own local newspaper, the Newark Advertiser, and its Ohio equivalent, the Newark Advocate, have donated trophies to be played for and so far the home club has won each time. It is unlikely that our founders in 1901 could have envisaged such exchanges becoming a fea­ture of the golf clubs' activities.