Membership Rates

1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022


Full Membership Annual Subscription 


Intermediate Annual Subscription    

(Age 22 to 30 inclusive)


Armed Forces Membership

(Receive a 10% discount on any of the above membership categories. Forces membership must be paid by direct debit but does not incur the 5% admin fee.
Membership can be stopped or suspended at no charge should you be deployed or relocated)


Lifestyle Annual Subscription

(Play anytime! Equivalent to 15 full rounds per year)


Social Membership

(Enables you to enjoy The Clubhouse facilities & services at preferential rates)  


Practice Membership 

(Enjoy full use of all practice facilities, The Clubhouse & The Golf Shop at preferential rates)



Membership Fees can be paid in full or flexible payment options are available.  



Junior & Student Annual Subscriptions

Junior up to and including 17 yrs - terms & conditions apply

Student 18 up to and including 21 yrs



Terms & Conditions 

  • England Golf, County Union Subscriptions and Member Insurance cover is payable in addition to the membership subscription category. These are set annually by third parties and usually total approx. £22.50
  • Membership of the golf club is annual on a rolling basis. Renewal dates are the month of your original joining date. Payments may be made in full or one of our flexible payment options – see Membership Payment Options document for flexible payment options.
  • Annual Subscriptions are not refundable.
  • Members paying by direct debit must sign to accept that in the event of them wishing to leave the club prior to the end of their membership year the full subscription must be paid. 
  • On application the Board of Directors may allow members who are ill to transfer to a suspended membership.
    Suspended membership is the equivalent of social membership and is charged as such; it allows full use of the clubhouse facilities.
    Such members would have a credit placed on their account for future use against subscriptions when returning to full health. This is subject to a qualifying period of 3 months
    Such members paying by Direct Debit must continue with their payments.
    The value of credit will be equivalent to half of the applicable subscription for the period of absence in the current membership year.
  •  Armed Forces Membership
    Must be paid by direct debit
    If membership is stopped or suspended due to relocation or deployment there will be no charge
  • Junior Membership 
    Must be approved to play the course by the Club Professional
    Eligible to play junior competitions only. To be eligible for all club competitions the Full Junior Membership status is required.