Ladies' President's Day 30 August 2016

Dear Ladies.

Thank you for joining me on my President's Day and making it so special.

The winning team was Megan Allen. Maureen Paulson and Erica Samson

2nd Prize : Jane Tucker, Julia Hatcher, Eva Glasby

3rd Prize  : Rina Ozolins, JanetHorner, Dianne Jackson

4th Prize  : Kath Sharman, Sandie Pearson, Linda Dunwoodie

Front Nine : Yvonne Shepherd, Nina Brittain, Josie Wake (Ghost player)

Back Nine: Alison Hartley, Cindy Thorpe, Margaret Lewis


A lovely day was had by all. 

Thank you again for all the help everyone gave me, for all the good wishes, lovely cards and gifts.

Thank you.