Ladies Open 10th May 2016

The Ladies Open for 2016 was once again very well represented, with ladies attending from over 20 different clubs.  An almost full list of tee times with ladies teeing off from 8.40 until 3.00 p.m. again shows us that ladies from far and wide book early to attend this extremely well organised event. This years competition proved to be exceedingly challenging due to persistant rain from start to finish.  These battle hardy ladies put on their waterproofs and braved the elements with only one team sending their apologies and one team choosing not to go out, but stayed and played cards in the club house and enjoyed thier afternoon meal.  Again some fabulous comments on the quality of the food and the excellent choice that was on offer.  

The day proved to be as well organised as ever,  with our ladies section providing our own starters (thank you to  Susan Harding, Sue Birkett and Eva Glasby for braving their starters duties out there in the pouring rain).  The registration desk was expertly manned by Margaret Lewis, Alison Hartley, Steph Cartwright, Anne Byrne, Carole Wass and Sandra Goodwin.

A welcome break in the halfway house proved ever popular with cakes and light refreshments bought by and served by Carol McLachlan, Carole Wass, Linda Fearn, Anne Byrne, Steph Cartwright and Sandra Goodwin. Some home made cakes added to the wide variety of goods on offer, so thank you to Hilda and Linda for the lovely home made meringues, cakes & tarts! 

Josie Pepper did a fantastic job of selling raffle tickets, and with donations from the halfway house,  the amount raised was £196 for my charity - again a superb achievement, so thank you ladies.  

A tremendous amount of work was carried out by Jo Jalland and Alison Hartley who spent the whole day entering scores, checking cards and finally working out the winners for us.  

A special thank you to all of the ladies that helped on the day, we could never manage to hold such a successful event without every single one of your efforts, it is greatly appreciated.  It goes without saying that is it hugely important that we show our golf club in the best possible light, and ladies you manage this with great ease!