Ladies Captains' Hand-over


Where did that year go??  I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of November.  Time to post my last notice and hand over to Carole!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the large amount of activities posted on the Ladies Notice Board this year.  It certainly has proved a valuable asset for a quick catch up on what has been happening over the last 12 months for members past and present, and certainly made my "recap of the year in bulletin form"  at the AGM quite easy to do.

I would like to wish Ladies Captain Carole all the best for 2017.  I am sure she will throw everything at it, with the commitment and dedication it deserves.  While I am mentioning 2017, I would like to wish Josie best wishes, and thank her sincerely for the selfless act of putting herself forward again!  You deserve to have total commitment from the Ladies Section, and I am sure that will too be forthcoming for all of the new Committee.  My personal good wishes to all.

Delighted to share with you all the "hand-over" pictures - thanks Jo for sorting!

I look forward to 2017 and hope to fairly represent ALL of the golf club members as I join our Board of Directors.

Here's to good health, happiness and low handicaps for 2017!