Ladies Captains Drive In Match & Supper

Tuesday 15th March saw the ladies Captains Drive In take place on a cold but dry day. This year as Ladies Captain I thought I would mix it up a little with me using every club in my bag including my putter, which could have gone horribly wrong, but no matter!  It was interesting using a two ball putter to tee off, and just for your information I do not recommend it!  I have carried a 3 Wood in my bag for about six years,  and it is like new as it has probably only been hit about half a dozen times in all those years of being carted from one course to another.  I actually managed to nail this down the middle - I think there must be a lesson in there somewhere eh Rob?  Later in the day the ladies who had predicted where all the balls would finish were presented with a ball and a small silk mirror as a gift.

The ladies Captain and the Vice Captains' teams had an epic battle, with a lot of the matches going down to the wire.  The Captains' team did however just manage a wiin.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Karen, Tom, Nick and Matt for providing us with an excellent meal.  Lots of really good comments from the ladies about the meal, and service.  Another excellent and different meal, so thank you all.

Finally a thank you from me to all who came to wish me well, and witness me digging up the tee with my driver when one of the massive rose petal filled balloons were burst in the middle of my backswing (sorry Graeme!) thanks Carole, a really nice surprise.

 A lovely official start to the season for me to see all of the people who took the trouble to come and watch.


Ladies Captain