Ladies Captains' Day

I must have been good in a previous life because after ten days of rain and some very indifferent weather the sun came out on Tuesday for Ladies Captains' Day 2016.  Having a second go at being Ladies Captain is maybe helpful, but Newark Golf Club has proved to be a very different kettle of fish to my Captaincy at Belton Woods.  In my summing up yesterday I likened the role of Ladies Captain being like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.  However if you keep hammering away, you do eventually make it fit.

It is indeed a great honour to be Ladies Captain, but one vital ingredient to success is to have a great committee behind you, which I am fortunate enough to have one fantastic team of ladies, without whom I could not do the job justice.  I thank each and every one of you for all of your support and encouragement.  A special thank you yesterday must go to Jo Jalland, Alison Hartley and Sue Burns who worked hard to ensure the results were all in order, and Sandra Goodwin  for her constant work as Secretary behind the scenes.  Our Ladies President again did a fantastic job with some special flower arrangements, so thank you Susan, they were beatiful.

I understand from the players that the course was playing tough, and the scores did indeed reflect that.  That said my visiting guests were hugely impressed with the course, so thank you Graeme and his team for presenting the course in such good order, especially given the weather we have had in the last two weeks.

Ladies Captains' Day is one of the major events in any Captains' year, and it is an opportunity for me to "put something back" into the section, and to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the year. I hope that this day went some way towards this.  

A pleasing number of ladies took part in the shotgun start and indeed with invited visiting ladies and gents, and our own gentlemen guests we had a full field with multiple players on the par fives.   The format for the day worked out extremely well with everyone finishing at approximately the same time, athough the ladies locker room was indeed full to bursting with all the ladies trying to beautify themselves at the same time! Hey ladies remember it is hard to improve on perfection!

 No man is an island, and I could not have done this without help from some special people, not least my son Adam who willingly gave of his time to serve tea, coffee and cakes to the members and guests that played golf, so thank you Adam you did a great job.

Chris and the team in the shop again did a superb job in pointing people in the right direction, although I did hear that there were one or two people where they shouldn't have been on the back nine.  I think they did all get sorted out and on the right tee before the claxon sounded.

A special mention must also go to Karen, Nick, Matt, Rob and all the staff in Macrae's.  The roast beef dinner was outstanding.

Congratulations to all the prize winners on the day.  There are too many to mention on this notice, but a special congratulations to Caroll Mclachlan - the overall ladies winner on the day, well played.  A comprehensive list of winners will be posted in the ladies locker room in due course. 

When I sent out my invitations I asked that your presence was required, not your presents.  I cannot begin to tell you how humble it made me feel to receive all the good wishes, cards and gifts.  Carole, you must have spent week after week embroidering that amazing cross stitch picture.  It will be a lasting momento of the day and indeed year for me, so a heartfelt thank you from me.  To all the other ladies that have so generously sent gifts and cards and messages  again words cannot express how well these gifts have been received.  The Rotary watch will be a lasting reminder of my year, and of course of the generosity of the ladies of Newark Golf Club.

One thing is for sure I have  thoroughly enjoyed the day, and had a day to remember.   I hope that everyone that joined me had an enjoyable day too.

Thank you all,