Ladies' Captain Drive-in & Seniors v Ladies Match



Both of these events took place in the same week and were very enjoyable. Although having to hit several balls off the first Tee in front of everyone was a little daunting to say the least, it was lovely to have so many ladies supporting and trying to guess where the balls would end up. At least they were mostly on the first fairway, even if some drifted towards the trees bordering the 9th. The weather couldn't have been better given the time of year with warm sunshine and little wind so I didn't have any excuses for my below par golf. Vice Captain Rina said that the result was a close win for her side but I think she was being kind. I have a feeling that the margin wasa little wider than that!

The meal afterwards was lovely and Presentations of Visor clip with ball markers were made to those who placed their flags nearest to balls at the Drive-in.

The Winter Competition winners were:

Winter League - Kath Sharman and Julia Hatcher

Winter Eclectic - Eva Glasby

Winter Birdie - Eva Glasby

Winter Par - Miyako Williams

Many Ladies stayed on afterwards to chat and enjoy each others company. A lovely ending to a brilliant day.


This was another brilliant day weatherwise and thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. A BIG thank you to Captain Trevor Harris, Vice Captain Mike Daniels and the Seniors for their hospitality and good sportsmanship, putting up with a 2 point addition to each ladies handicap and an unusual way of scoring with only a bit of good natured moaning. Most of the feedback re. the scoring system was positive, as it meant that everyone contributed whatever their score to the overall total - and there were some FANTASTIC scores from you Ladies. Most were in the 40's or late 30's with one outstanding 47!

WELL DONE LADIES! a decisive WIN and the Trophy with our name on it again.