Ladies' Autumn Meeting - September 29th 2015

Ladies’ Autumn Meeting – September 29th 2015

The  prize table was groaning under the weight of the Garden tubs, hanging baskets and pots all filled to the brim with a selection of beautiful plants and shrubs awaiting the lucky winners of the day’s  competitions. Many thanks to Kath Sharman for organising the prizes with Hollybeck Nurseries and helping arrange the prize table itself.  The main competition was an 18 hole  medal, the winner with the Best Nett overall would be awarded the Andree Wilkinson Trophy. Over forty Ladies competed for this Trophy in the morning, and 27 took part in the 9 hole Waltz team competition in the afternoon. There was also a  prize for a putting competition and Two's.

All the Ladies gathered in the Clubhouse after their exertions on the course where Social and ex members joined them in a very convivial atmosphere for a meal and to await the Presentations. It was lovely to see one of our newest members winning the Trophy - Well done Erica.

 Best Nett of the Day and Andree Wilkinson Trophy           Erica Sansom   Nett 66 (reduced to 26)  (Trophy 27 Limit = Nett 67)                     

Best Gross Silver                 Julia Hatcher      Gross 79

Best Gross Bronze               Megan Allen        Gross 95                    

1st Nett Silver                        Sue Bean             Nett   68             Reduced to 13

1st Nett Bronze                       Dorothy Britton  Nett 74 (on countback)

2nd Nett Silver                         Tish Applewhite           Nett 70

2nd Nett Bronze                      Rita Stevenson   Nett 74 (on countback)   

3rd Nett Silver                         Eva Glasby          Nett 71

3rd Nett Bronze                      Margaret Stark    Nett 75 (on c/back)             

Best Nine out                         Susan Harding      Nett 36          

Best Nine in                           Caroll McLachlan   Nett 34                  

1st   Waltz Competition         Erica Sansom, Lynn Holland & Ann Magri            43 points

2nd   Waltz Competition        Rita Stevenson; Dorothy Britton & Roz Statham       37 points on C/back

Putting                                   Linda Dunwoodie      30         

Twos                                       Sandie Pearson @ 5th £22 on account