Ladies' & Seniors' AM AM

Tuesday saw the Ladies versus Seniors Am Am take place on a day when you could hardly see one hand in front of you!  The fog seemed to come in and out for most of the day, but off we went with the Ladies and Seniors Captains and Vice Captains "leading the way" .  It wasn't a case of what coloured flag it was - it was where is the green!  As we set off at 8,30, and for the field leaders the fog stayed for nearly the whole round, with the first glimmer of sunshine at the 17th, well that is our excuse for our 73 points, which, all things considered we though was reasonable, until we started marking the cards.

This is the favourite ladies v seniors outing, and it made a change for the ladies to be chasing the seniors for MORE PLAYERS PLEASE!  64 in total played, so a fantastic turn out.  A special thank you to Caroll McLachlan for sorting out the half way house.  A cup of tea and cake was indeed very welcome, warming us up before we set off on the back nine - still in the fog.

It must be the day for thank you's.  The "snack" meal after the round supplied by the ladies proved to be a substantial dinner.  The jacket potatoes and salad were enhanced by chilli, vegetable curry, beef curry, chicken curry and beans.  I think some of the players tried to get some of everything on their plates, I have seen smaller mountains!!  Fantastic Nick thank you so much for "upgrading" this for us.  It was very much appreciated.

Finally a huge congratulations to the winners on the day.  The scores were amazing, in fact I thought they may well have added all four players scores in they were that good - especially considering the weather, so well done.   Scoring 90 points and in first place were R. LLoyd, S. Cartwright, K. Russell and C. Ward.  A creditable 86 points brought D. Jackson, L. Holland, M. Paulson and D. Squires second place.  Thank you to the seniors for the prizes.

Thank you to Mike, James and Carole for a great day, and hopefully the Spring get together will be as well supported.