From the Captain...

I am often put on the spot when somebody asks who's honour is it?  So to clarify, particularly for our new members who may be new to golf, here's some guidance.
In a stroke play competition, the honour on the first tee is determined by the draw, thereafter the player with the lowest gross score takes the honour.
In a Stableford, Bogie or Par competition, again on the first tee, it is the draw that determines the start. Thereafter it is the lowest net score that takes the honour.
In matchplay, the initial honour is determined by the toss of a coin or similar, thereafter the winner of the last hole takes the honour.
In stroke play, there is no penalty for playing out of turn , and the ball is played as it lies, unless the competitors have agreed to play out of turn to give one an advantage. In that case each competitor is disqualified.
In matchplay there is no penalty for playing out of turn, but your opponents can either make you play again or accept the shot you have played, you are in their hands.
This is all basic stuff that we take for granted, but it may not be apparent to new golfers. More words of wisdom to follow.