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Drains are flowing freely but there is fair bit of water to move!



Tree Damage following recent Storms

A few images to give just a taste of the damaged caused.


January Course Managers Report

  • There is a small outbreak of fusarium which is to be expected this time of year with it being wet and mild. We will be trying to feed it out with a mixture of nitrogen, potassium, potash, iron and bio- stimulants.
  • The greens will be getting verti drained on the 5th February with a half inch tine. We will be aiming to apply around 20 tonnes of dressing to work into the profile.
  • We have been pencil tinning and verti draining the wetter areas of the greens to aid water movement through the profile. We will be trailing the oxyshot on the left half of the 7th green. The oxyshot is an air injection probe that relieves compaction to a depth of 2 feet.
  • There is a small amount of moss invasion on certain greens. We will be hollow coring, re seeding and dressing these areas.
  • Moss control on the fairways will also involve hollow coring seeding and dressing. If we were to apply sulphate of iron and rake the moss out it would leave too many bare areas. This will be a lengthy process however it will still provide a good playing experience. 
  • We have made a start pruning ten percent of the gorse throughout the course. Most of the work has so far taken place on the 16th.
  • We will be lining the two greenside bunkers on the 6th and the greenside bunker on the 9th. We decided not to do the 1st and the 2nd right due to these bunkers not being overly contaminated with stones.
  • We had a meeting with the volunteer group touching on H&S and what they are wanting to get out of it. 9 volunteers turned up, all with different ideas and varied working thoughts. Jobs will be easier to allocate to the volunteers in the summer months due to them not being as labour intensive.
  • Mr Walker, Mr Haynes and myself will be going to BTME for a day to see the latest innovations in sports turf maintenance. This is also an excellent time for networking.
  • Mr Hutton from Fineturf is coming to discuss the possibility of different course improvement ideas.
  • Our tree felling license is up for renewal. I have completed the forms and waiting to hear back from the woodland management.
  • We have two items of machinery outstanding to service. We only have the fairway mower to re grind then all the machinery is ready for the upcoming playing season.


February Greens maintenance

     Original greens maintenance work


  • ·         Verti drain with a 13mm solid tine to a depth of 8 inches
  • ·         Apply approximately 20 tonnes of sand
  • ·         Work the sand into the profile with the sweep and fill brush


     Additional greens maintenance


  • ·         Hollow core 3rd and 7th greens with a 13mm hollow tine to a depth of 1.5 inches
  • ·         Remove the cores from the playing surface using the kilworth or core boards
  • ·         Apply a further sand
  • ·         Work the sand into the profile using the sweep and fill brush


Depending on results this may be extended to other greens

The reasons for the additional aeration work is due to organic matter build up from the excessive amount of rainfall we have received over the past four months.

Hollow coring the greens will help reduce the organic matter content.

Applying sand will also help dilute the thatch.

Hollowcoring will also reduce the moss invasion that has built up from the greens being saturated for such lengthy periods.

Working 40 – 50 tonnes of sand into the profile will aid drainage.  

Carrying out this work will improve root structure creating a healthier sward moving into the playing season.


Alex Clarricoates  

Thanks for reading 

The Greenstaff

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