Child Protection Policy

Newark Golf Club
Child Protection Policy

Dated:  20th May 2010

The Board of Directors have considered their responsibilities to children participating in golf at Newark Golf Club; this policy sets out the standards we wish to uphold in running activities for  and in safeguarding the welfare of children in our care.

Newark Golf Club recognises the policies of the English Golf Union (EGU) and the English Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) as set out in the “Children in Golf Resource Pack”.

The policy and procedures are based on the above principles.  Any subsequent advice or legislation relating to child protection will be examined and incorporated into this document if applicable.

Policy Statement

Newark Golf Club acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard the welfare of all children involved in golf within the club. All children have a right to protection, and have their particular needs taken into account. Newark Golf Club will therefore endeavour to ensure the safety and protection of all children involved with the club through the Child Protection guidelines adopted by The Board of Directors of Newark Golf Club.  It is the responsibility of all adults within the club to assist The Board of Directors in achieving and maintaining these aims.

1.  To provide children with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of the club and also help them to enjoy their experience of Golf.
2.  To recognise that all children within Golf, regardless of age, gender, ability, disability, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation have the right to be protected and treated with dignity and respect..
3.  To reassure parents that their children will receive the best practicable care possible whilst participating in activities within the club.
4.  To provide support to staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues and to fulfil their role effectively.
5.  To ensure that everyone with a role in working with or supervising children is aware they have a responsibility to safeguard and promote a child’s welfare, protecting them from harm and providing a safe environment in which they can participate.
6.  To ensure that all suspicions and allegations of poor practice or abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
7.  To ensure that all staff/members/volunteers/PGA Professionals who work with children will be recruited with regard to their suitability for that responsibility.
8.  To ensure that all involved in golf should be aware of their role and responsibility with regard to child protection and this should be communicated to all club members by way of the policy being displayed on the notice board.
9.  To ensure that staff, volunteers,PGAprofessionals, coaches, referees, and members will be supported to understand their role and responsibility and provided with appropriate guidance and training to assist them in their role in relation to child protection.
10.  To ensure that individuals will receive support through education and training in order to be aware of, and understand, best practice and how to manage any welfare or child protection issues that may come to light.

This Child Protection Policy document will be communicated to all members of the club as well as parents, staff,PGAProfessionals and volunteers working with juniors. All volunteers and professionals will be required to sign a document to say they have read & understood the policy.

The Policy will be reviewed every three years by the Board of Directors, and amended as appropriate. Guidance from golf’s governing bodies will be sought as part of the review process.

The Junior Organiser has a responsibility for ensuring that the policy and procedures are implemented, including taking any appropriate disciplinary action where necessary.

The Club Welfare Officer has a responsibility for responding to any allegations, concerns or child protection incidents and will pass on information to the appropriate National Governing Body Lead Child Protection Officer through the Chairman of the Golf Club and Secretary Manager.

Parents have a responsibility to work together with the club in implementing procedures and providing their children with the necessary information to safeguard themselves.

The Junior Organiser

The Club Welfare Officer