Captains Charity Day 2018


Firstly thank you to the Ladies' Captain, Josie and Tracy Ferguson for running the Halfway House, my daughter Laura for baking the cakes and a BIG thank you to everyone who played in my Charity Day.

The competition entries less the prize fund halfway house donations and raffle raised in total £546.20

The Pros Team were a little disappointed in their performance scoring 59.9 something about no luck on the greens.

Seven teams were able to beat this with each team recieving £44

The teams were:

Richard Sperke, John Cooke Snr, John Cooke Jnrand Tim Cooke = 57.5

Kevin Ferguson, Tracy Ferguson, Simon Bean and Sue Bean = 58.1

Sam Gallop, Luke Parsons, Alex Hales and Steve Carty = 58.2

Dave Tilbury, Ricky Todd, Luke Hutchinson and Mark Hillier = 59.0

Chris Oxley, Jason Gilman, Gary Bruce and Steve Patterson = 59.1

Russ Ashmore,Mike Davies, Keith Whitfield and Mark Lally = 59.1

Nigel Walker, Derek Fletcher, Chris Stitson and Roger Mayes = 59.7

Thank you once again for supporting the event in aid of the Notts, Lincs Air Ambulance.

Captain Kev